Satisfying your anime needs

NOTICE: I’ll be thinking hard about what I’m trying to accomplish with this website while I work toward finding my motivation for writing again. Thank you for always reading my stuff! I’ll be back with renewed motivation soon!


A Good Doctor Review (KDrama) – Understanding and Respecting Differences

So after many weeks of struggling to watch anime, I stumbled upon this gem of a show after finding out that the English Series version of “The Good Doctor” was actually inspired by the Korean Drama version titled “Good Doctor“. I decided to give it a try, and ended up finishing all 20 episodes in […]

5 Most Exasperating WordPress Glitches I Keep Encountering

WordPress problems are something I encounter ever-so frequently. These frustratingly incessant problems plague my writing experience to the point of complicating the most simplest of things and turning them into tedious and unnecessary hassles. It is infuriating and inconvenient, to say the least, and perhaps that by writing them, I could figure out whether or […]

I’ve Been Challenged to Give It A Light Novel Title!

We’re all aware of how incredulously long and ridiculously straightforward many Light Novel titles these days have been. In a bid to poke a little bit of fun at the seemingly upward trend of these comical titles, Dewbond of Shallow Dives in Anime created this hilarious challenge — the Give It A Light Novel Title […]

Time to Unravel my Mysteries: Mystery Blogger Award

The true identity of the Mystery Blogger Award had always been an actual mystery to me. I’ve always had my own perceptions of it, and never really understood what it meant. Did it mean I was nominated because I was mysterious? Perhaps the title was meant to invoke mystery? Or maybe the questions asked would […]

Releasing our Emotions through Music

In our technologically advanced digital era, we have accelerated our way of life and become accustomed to a faster lifestyle. Everything of today operates at a much faster pace than ever before, and while certainly complementing convenience, it’s not without compromise. Ironically in this era of newfound convenience and ease, humankind continues to be busier […]