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I’m just your everyday anime lover who’s passionate in everything anime. My desire to engage in endless conversations about that raving anime series has led me to start up my very own blog in the hopes of creating a platform for fellow anime lovers to read and discuss about all things anime.


    1. Konnichiwa!! Sorry for the earlier troubles haha. I’ve yet to watch Dororo but I’ve watched both Naruto and Koe no Katachi. Naruto was my first ever shounen anime and I absolutely loved every bit of it. But I’m the type who can’t keep up with weekly episodes and I eventually dropped the anime during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Will definitely complete it some day though! As for Koe no Katachi, I’ve always been a fan of sentimental anime so I’m a definite fan of that one. What about you? What’s your favourite anime? Are you japanese by the way?

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      1. Oh wow, thanks so much for the nomination! If I have the time I’ll surely write a post about it 🙂 For now I’ve gotta focus on posting some reviews 🙂

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