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Its about time I formally introduce myself, I think?

Tiger: Hey guys, its me again!
You: Who?
Tiger: Haha... Don't be silly, its me you big dummy! Tiger!
You: Oh haha... I'm sorry, do I know you?

What do you think? Pretty accurate, huh? If you hadn’t already noticed (I’m sure u did though), I’ve been missing for almost 2 whole solid days. That’s a new record. I think 3 days before that, my record had only been 1 solid day of not posting! Oh how far I’ve come. To think that I’ve only just started this journey less than 2 weeks ago. Here’s to more record setting moments! What a glorious occasion… OK, sorry I’ll be a bit more serious.

Anyway, during my two-day hiatus, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should write about next. But as much as it pained me to miss even a single day of writing, whenever I grabbed my notepad and started penning down my thoughts, I would see a list of almost overdue assignments staring right into my soul. So I figured it was about time I gave them some attention too. I just didn’t anticipate them taking an entire 2 days of my time without a moment to breathe. Take it from me guys, procrastination is like playing an eroge. Its great at the start, until your mum walks into the room. I’m kidding, I don’t live with my mum… or play eroge

During the 2 days that I was gone, I started wondering about how I appeared in the eyes of my readers. Do they see me? Or do they just look at the cute anime pictures I stole off the net and leave? Then it hit me, I had no readers. Gosh I love self-depreciating humour. I’m kidding though. I know my mum reads my posts every now and then. Okay back to serious, what I wanted to say is — ANIME isn’t anime without ME. Get it? Please don’t leave, my punchlines aren’t always this bad.

I felt that I hadn’t been doing a good enough job of introducing my character and my personality. So instead of acting as if these 2 days of absence didn’t happen and jump right back into reviews, I decided to add a little bit of myself to this soon-to-be anime wikipedia (that’s my goal at least).

So without further ado, let me formally introduce myself…

Ah who am I kidding, you guys would much rather see more kawaii anime girls than read about my first pet’s name. So here’s a picture of my favourite tsundere. Yup, you guessed it.

(Louise, god bless)

Leaving the jokes aside, I have thoroughly enjoyed the short 2 weeks I’ve spent working on this blog. I’m truly excited at the prospect of being able to write about what I love. My only wish is that my passion can be artfully conveyed to my readers as we discuss and discover more amazing anime together. I’m grateful for this platform as well as the people who have inspired me with their works and their cheers. Maybe one day if I grow big enough, I’ll be able to give them a proper shout out. But for now, I’m just grateful for any and every one of you reading this post. I’ll be relentlessly pursuing on improving my writing skills to give you the best anime reviews I can offer. Thank you so much for sticking around, you’ll hear from me again soon with more anime goodness.

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