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Beelzebub – A Funny Tale Of Demons And Delinquents

  • Title: Beelzebub ( べるぜバブ )
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, Supernatural, School, Shounen
  • Studios: Pierrot Plus
  • Episodes: 60 – 24min (Completed)
  • Date: 9 January 2011 — 25 March 2012
  • Source: Manga

Summary (MAL)

Ishiyama High is a school populated entirely by delinquents, where nonstop violence and lawlessness are the norm. However, there is one universally acknowledged rule—don’t cross first year student Tatsumi Oga, Ishiyama’s most vicious fighter.

One day, Oga is by a riverbed when he encounters a man floating down the river. After being retrieved by Oga, the man splits down the middle to reveal a baby, which crawls onto Oga’s back and immediately forms an attachment to him. Though he doesn’t know it yet, this baby is named Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, or “Baby Beel” for short—the son of the Demon Lord!

As if finding the future Lord of the Underworld isn’t enough, Oga is also confronted by Hildegard, Beel’s demon maid. Together they attempt to raise Baby Beel—although surrounded by juvenile delinquents and demonic powers, the two of them may be in for more of a challenge than they can imagine.

My Review

Beelzebub is a rather unique one. Not often will you find a show that has a vicious delinquent caring for a baby while protecting him from demons. But it’s even less often that you’ll find one as good as this, because Beelzebub will definitely take you for a ride.

One of the major things I liked about the show is the chemistry between the delinquent, the maid and the baby. Now isn’t that a bizarre pairing. But these three characters were what make the show a lot of fun to watch. From their interactions to the bonds they develop, we as the audience will find ourselves having an affection towards these characters. Although, if there’s anything that I was disappointed by, it would be the insufficient character depth, their backgrounds, and an insufficient character development. While lacking in these aspects, I won’t take away from what they did offer — tons of fun and entertainment.

As a shounen, the anime has a lot of action, and with the lead character being a badass delinquent taking care of a baby, the early action is steeped with various comedy. Oga literally beat up a group of gangsters with a baby on his head, what a sight that was. But as the show progresses, the elements of action will evolve from your simple street fighting to become world-breaking magical battles that take place on a large scale. However, it would’ve been nicer if the lead character had been given a training arc of sorts. The evolution of Oga’s ability wasn’t really progressive, it just evolved out of nowhere towards the end. Nevertheless, still an entertaining action anime.

Finally, the biggest charm of the show is simply its humour. Beelzebub is an anime that clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. With its ridiculous methods and manner, you can tell that the world of Beelzebub is bizarre, and it uses this to present its comedy. Humour is what drives this show and without it, everything else wouldn’t be nearly enough to make it what it was. So close your room door, because you wouldn’t want others to hear you laughing out loud miserably.

Looking at the overall anime, Beelzebub isn’t your perfect anime. Of its long 60 episode run, many episodes are fillers that don’t make a difference in the plot’s development. I personally watched the show for its quality to entertain, and so the fillers didn’t bother me at all, but I wouldn’t say the same for others. The characters, while absolutely great, were also unfortunately not given enough depth to their story. Even the romantic tension that had been lingering in the air of the show for so long had not been developed. But, at the end of the day, the anime is still a highly entertaining one for me. It just, could’ve been better.

Should I watch Beelzebub?

Beelzebub is essentially a funny show. You’re supposed to laugh while watching it, and everything else is just additional. Definitely a show to watch if you want something ridiculous, and I promise that you’ll find yourself laughing a lot. However, if you’re not laughing within the first few episodes, then maybe this anime isn’t your type of humour. But I highly doubt that.

The action in the anime isn’t all that special. As a regular action anime, I guess it was still pretty cool, but it definitely isn’t the likes of Kimetsu no Yaiba. So if you came here wanting to see a delinquent beat people up in a rather justified manner, welcome! But don’t go expecting top-notch art or intensely amazing fighting sequences. That’s not what the show is about anyway.


  1. I remember watching this. I was watching a lot during itr’s run though. It kept me entertained but after I while the day it initally aired become difficult for me to view it and by the time I got around to watch it I had forgotten about it so I ended up watching only 10 episodes or maybe 15 in or so. Perhaps I should give it another try.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ll have a great time for sure. But 60 episodes might be a bit long for what its worth, hate to say it but there are shorter funnier shows out there. Still a really good show though


      1. Sure thing. I can handle some wacky anime. I mean, I do like Shinesman which was pretty fun. On a side note, this is also a reminder for me to complete my Iridium Eye goal to watch an anime that’s over 52 episodes song.

        Liked by 1 person

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