Top 15 Best Anime Songs Of 2019

2019 has seen quite a number of great anime, and a lot of awesome anime music as well. Since everyone loves music and we all love anime, I thought why not create a list of my favourite anime songs from the year! Because let’s face it, there were indeed lots of amazing music this year that has to be talked about.

So, what do I mean by anime songs exactly? Well, I just mean any song that has been made for or used in any anime. Be it anime openings, endings or the soundtracks, as long as it’s a part of an anime that’s been released this year, it’s included.

But before I begin, let me just iterate that this list is meant to be extremely biased and skewed towards my own musical preferences. In fact, it might even be influenced by my level of enjoyment of a certain anime. Who knows? What matters is that I like it, and you just might too.

Judging Criterion

  1. Is It Captivating?
  2. Is It Playlist Worthy?
  3. Did I Watch The Anime?
  4. Extremely Biased Musical Preferences (?)

Okay, pretty meagre judging standards, but whatever. Here are my top 15 anime songs of 2019!

15. Fire Force Ending Theme (2):
♪ Lenny Code Fiction — Nounai ♪

Lenny Code Fiction — Nounai

For the first piece of music on this list, at the 15th place, it is Lenny Code Fiction‘s musical thriller Nounai. This band really knows their music, and have such a fun and powerful vibe around them that breathes life into their music. What started off as mere funky tunes become soulful music with their passionate yet controlled involvement. I think I’m a fan now.

14. Fire Force Opening Theme (2):
♪ coldrain ft Ryo — MAYDAY ♪

coldrain ft Ryo — MAYDAY

The entry in 14th position is a bit of a special one, being a metal punk rock song of epic proportions. Performed by coldrain featuring singer Ryo from Crystal Lake, the artists sang the song called MAYDAY and boy was it wild. But wild wouldn’t be nearly enough to qualify as a playlist worthy song (well, not for me), this special song takes the screaming and uses it to deliver a strong auditory impact with its music. It is as epic as it is absolutely beautiful. Considering I don’t normally listen to screaming, I’ve been beguiled.

13. Given Opening Theme:
♪ Centimilimental — Kizuato ♪

Centimilimental — Kizuato

The 13th entry on this list goes to Centimilimental‘s Kizuato. From the anime Given, its exciting pop rock opening theme song is a great pick to have on a Japanese music playlist. It’s fun, groovy and most importantly delightful to the ears.

12. Dororo Ending Theme (2):
♪ Eve — Dark Night ♪

Eve — Dark Night

In 12th place, we have Dororo’s 2nd ending theme Dark Night by Eve. With it’s sometimes groovy sometimes melancholic tunes, us as the listener feels like we’re taken in for an almost psychedelic ride. Eve‘s voice is charming and stylishly sluggish, conveying his lyrics in a bewitching manner that feels oddly peaceful yet woeful.

11. Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Ending Theme:


While this next song is good, the artist hasn’t released the full version, and so it falls at number 11th on the list. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN‘s wonderful piece Phantom Joke is an amazing piece of work. Despite it’s incomplete release, it is an absolute charmer! Its fast paced groove is soulful and pleasantly exciting. I can’t wait for a full version of this fascinating song to be released.

10. Dr. STONE Ending Theme (1):
♪ Rude-α — LIFE ♪

Rude-α — LIFE

Making it into the top 10 is Dr. Stone’s 1st ending theme LIFE by Rude-α. The song manages to make it into the top 10 with its husky groovy singing and a tune that’s pleasantly fun to listen to. Also, he raps! This artist is as charismatic with his singing as he is with his rapping. You couldn’t ask for a cooler entry.

9. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening Theme (1):
♪ LiSA — gurenge ♪

LiSa — gurenge

Coming in 9th is the beautifully exciting gurenge by LiSA. Honestly this song had been stuck in my head for the longest of time before I finally managed to move on from it, and as a result, I may have underestimated it’s value to be merely the 9th place. This particular piece of music is fiercely charming with a fiery allure that forcefully enthrals it’s listeners. LiSA is truly amazing, as always.

8. Bungou Stray Dogs S3 Ending Theme:
♪ Luck Life — Lily ♪

Luck Life — Lily

In 8th place, we have this band that I’ve personally never encountered before, but they’re mighty capable of producing this charmingly pleasing music — Lily by Luck Life. Amidst this season’s intense competition of amazing music, Lily manages to come in 8th with it’s simple and pleasing music that’s easy to listen to and has an identity of it’s own in this year’s competitive anime music scene. Added to the playlist and saved.

7. Promised Neverland Opening Theme:
♪ UVERworld — Touch off ♪

UVERworld — Touch off

Coming in 7th in this list is the powerfully exciting Touch off by UVERworld. If this were a list that judges anime openings instead of the whole song, Touch off would easily take first place with it’s unbeatable first few seconds of the song. Radiating an intense vibe of thrill, danger and savagery, this song captures your attention right off the bat then silences you for good with it’s addictive catchy tunes.

6. Vinland Saga Ending Theme (1):
♪ Aimer — Torches ♪

Aimer — Torches

Taking 6th is the beautiful single by the ever amazing Aimer, Torches. With her beautifully alluring voice, Aimer captivates her audiences yet again. This time, the song feels like a rising tide of hope and the journey of a climb. This song easily and elegantly secures its position in the 6th place.

5. Vinland Saga Opening Theme (1):
♪ Survive Said The Prophet — MUKANJYO ♪

Survive Said The Prophet — MUKANJYO

In 5th place, we have Vinland Saga’s 1st opening theme song MUKANJYO by Survive Said The Prophet. This song sounds special because of it’s pop rock and metal theme with lyrics, melody and singing that actually gives the music a melancholic vibe to it. Simply beautiful.

4. Boku no Hero Academia S4 Opening Theme:
♪ Blue Encount — Polaris ♪

Blue Encount — Polaris

Taking 4th place is Boku no Hero’s season 4 opening music Polaris by Blue Encount, and it’s totally a song that I vibe to. This brilliant piece of music slowly builds up its intensity to radiate a sense of increasing excitement. All whilst maintaining a chilling and relaxing groove that appeals to all. Definitely a song I’ll be listening to repetitively for the time being.

3. Fire Force Ending Theme (1):
♪ Keina Suda — veil ♪

Keina Suda — veil

Now this is someone who’s voice is as charming as it is fascinating. 3rd Place goes to Fire Force’s 1st ending theme song veil by Keina Suda! The song is created with catchy beats and tunes that has this special charm of its own. Accompanied by the stylish voice of Keina Suda, I haven’t been able to stop humming this song for a while now. I think I’m going insane!

2. Vinland Saga Ending Theme (2):
♪ milet — Drown ♪

milet — Drown

Vinland Saga’s 2nd ending theme song takes 2nd place with artist milet‘s single music Drown. The song is styled with a certain uniquely elegant charm, that pairs beautifully with milet‘s raspy yet clean vocals. Some would even go so far as to say she’s the “Japanese Adele”, and I have no qualms with that judgement. The song itself is a total charmer that sounds capable to dominate even worldwide charts, had it been popular enough to go viral internationally.

1. Fire Force Opening Theme (1):
♪ Mrs. GREEN APPLE — Inferno ♪

Mrs. GREEN APPLE — Inferno

First place goes to Fire Force’s 1st opening theme song Inferno by Mrs. GREEN APPLE! There’s just something special about the vibes of the music played, both exciting and charming the ears. The artists sing the song in a fun and charismatic way that feels almost as if they’re playing with it. It’s beautiful, and well deserving of the best anime song of 2019! I can’t help but vaguely sense a special oomph factor belonging to this song that lets it outshine the rest, albeit marginally.

Honourable Mentions

  • Assasin’s Pride Ending Theme: ♪ Ijintachi no Jikan — Melida Angel
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba EP 19 Ending: ♪ Go Shina ft Nami Nakagawa — Kamado Tanjiro no Uta
  • Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Ending Theme: ♪ Sayuri — Koukai no Uta
  • Kanata no Astra Opening Theme: ♪ nonoc — Star*frost
  • Kanata no Astra Ending Theme: ♪ Riko Azuna — Glow at the Velocity of Light
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Ending Theme: ♪ LiSA — unlasting
  • Dr. Stone Opening Theme: ♪ BURNOUT SYNDROMES – Good Morning World!
  • Araburu Kisetsu Opening Theme: ♪ CHiCO with HoneyWorks — Otome-domo yo

With that, the listing is finally over! Honestly I had a lot of fun writing this post and spent a lot of time listening to a bunch of amazing music. While not all the music made this list, most of the ones I left out were still great and so they ended up in my playlist anyway.

Did you agree with my picks? Or perhaps I missed out some personal favourites you might have? Or maybe you thought my choices were weird, which explains why you’ve been looking at my post with those condescending eyes… GAH now I’m getting all anxious about this post.


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  2. Thanks for submitting this to the showcase! 🙂 There were a TON of great OP’s and ED’s this year, so I’m sure this was a tough list to put together. My only complaint is that Domestic Girlfriend’s OP is missing :p In seriousness though, I hadn’t heard some of these, so it was nice to hear ’em.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to actually read and listen to all of these! Thanks for having me on the showcase! Sorry about Domestic Girlfriend, I read the manga but skipped out on the anime so I must’ve overlooked it haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure thing! It’s really fun to explore all this content I may not have seen otherwise. Haha, no worries on Domestic Girlfriend, though you should give the OP a listen/watch, it was really good. Thanks again for joining up 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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