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2020 Profile and Resolutions

Phew, there’s still a few minutes before midnight. The daily streak lives on!

Sike. Fast forward a few hours and I’ve still yet to finish. So once again my daily streak is over. But as a wise Lynn once said, don’t limit yourself to a single timezone! The day has only just begun, somewhere else on this planet.

So with 2020 already days in, I thought this site needed a resolution. A goal setting plaque to remind me of what I set out to do by the end of the year. Where better than to ingrain this plaque into the very site itself, for my constant perusal. Since I’ll be checking back to this quite a bit, why not keep track of some anime stats about myself as well? I wonder if they’ll remain the same by the end of 2020.

Favourite Genres as at 2020

  1. Fantasy
  2. Adventure
  3. Slice of Life
  4. Game

All Time Favourite Animes

  1. Sword Art Online Franchise
  2. Gintama Franchise
  3. One Piece Franchise
  4. Zero no Tsukaima Series

Favourite Anime Waifu

  1. Louise (Zero no Tsukaima)
  2. Taiga (Toradora!)
  3. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
  4. Yes, all of Rie Kugumiya’s voices

Favourite Studios

  1. A-1 Pictures
  2. Madhouse
  3. Kyoto Animation
  4. Bones

2020 Resolutions

I’ve never written out my goals for others to see, and frankly speaking I’ve rarely ever accomplished them. But, new year new me?

  • I wish to take a step further in monetising my blog
  • I aim to write with my own style and improve my language and standard of writing
  • I’ll strive to grow this blog to be able to average the highest of my daily views in 2019
  • I want to redevelop my site for a more professional look
  • My ultimate goal is for this site to be among the go-to place for anime content (Beyond 2020)

Pretty standard goals, but they’re the most immediate ones. It feels super weird to let others see my goals, but I guess it’s better than keeping it to myself and changing nothing. So here’s to a better year ahead, for me and for you. See you soon with more anime content!

P.s. First time posting with a phone! Been stuck in a hotel without my laptop for 2 days. Sorry for the lack of images. May or may not remove this in a few days if I think it’s too cringe lol

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