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5 Most Exasperating WordPress Glitches I Keep Encountering

WordPress problems are something I encounter ever-so frequently. These frustratingly incessant problems plague my writing experience to the point of complicating the most simplest of things and turning them into tedious and unnecessary hassles. It is infuriating and inconvenient, to say the least, and perhaps that by writing them, I could figure out whether or not these problems are my own, or problems that have plagued the community all this while.

Before I start, let me just say that I wouldn’t have written this without the suggestion from Yomu of Umai Yomu. He responded to my frequent dissatisfaction of these issues on twitter, and suggested that I write them out in a post in the hopes that the relevant parties might be made aware of these issues. So thanks Yomu!

I’ll be arranging this list from the least annoying issues to the most obnoxious problems. Here we go!

5) Missing pingback notification

I used to receive notifications of pingbacks whenever I link my own posts onto my other posts. But nowadays, no matter how often I link back to previous posts, there’s no pingback notification. I’ve checked my settings multiple times and they always show that I have notifications enabled. Sometimes, I don’t even get a notification when my post is linked by another website/blog. It’s not a very cumbersome problem, but it does baffle me considering that I used to receive these notifications and now I don’t.

meh, I don’t mind it that much

4) Comments disabled

One of the more frequent problems I face are the comments turning itself off on its own. It’s definitely one of the less annoying issues, but it’s still a nuisance especially when you notice it late. All your readers would’ve already gone through your post, and any engagement they might have had would’ve been lost along with their interest in that particular post.

okay, this is getting annoying

3) Random scheduling of posts

Usually when you write up a post, the default setting would be to post immediately upon publishing. I’ve never done anything to change that, nor do I know of a way to change this default setting. And yet, I’ve encountered on multiple occasions the post scheduling itself on a certain time and day. Worse still, it schedules itself to a time and date in the past! Say for example, I write up a post now, but somehow it decides to publish it 5 days ago. I’m left with the weird problem of being unable to find my post on Reader, and if I can’t even find my own post then how would anyone else? In fact, I would have to go back 5 days on my website’s feed of latest posts to find that post just so I can remove it and republish it.

now I’m frustrated

2) Can’t type in block editor

This is one of the most exasperating issues for me personally, because it makes writing extremely tedious. Basically when I try to click on a block in the editor to type, it selects the whole block instead of allowing me to edit my words. This means that when I type, nothing is registered. The best way around this for me is to press backspace (which deletes the whole block) and then undo the backspace, and then somehow you’ll be able to edit and type once more. But the whole process is extremely unpleasant because it happens with every block, even the ones I had recently used this “fix” on. This means that I end up having to repeatedly perform this “fix” whenever I try to edit a block, even for the smallest of edits. The amount of unnecessary hassle needed just to write is so infuriating.

GAHHH! Thank you for screaming for me Sagiri

1) Latest post doesn’t appear on Reader

For me, this takes the top spot in the most exasperating glitches I’ve ever encountered. Sometimes when I’ve finished writing and immediately published a post, I’m unable to find it on Reader. I wouldn’t know if my post had been successfully published or not. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to remove and republish my post, but this would mean having to take down the post itself from my website and all my social links by individually opening them up one by one. Otherwise, the links on my socials would lead to a dead page (since the post is removed). All these steps just because my post doesn’t appear on reader like it’s supposed to.

Oh I’m pissed, but this isn’t even my final form

So there you have it, my 5 WordPress glitches ranked from the least bothersome to the most irksome. Even as I type this, I’m experiencing glitch number 2! So that’s nice.

Have you ever had these problems? Am I doing something wrong? Do you know of a way to fix these problems? If so, please do share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to read them all.


  1. I find with pingbacks it has some sort of limit. So if you have multiple links in one post, it’ll only link so many. Then if you update the post at a later date, it’ll do some more. It could definitely be improved upon.

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  2. I sometimes have the same issue with pingbacks where I won’t receive a notification that someone has linked to my post, but then I will at other times. I have no idea what causes this to happen.

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  3. I have the same issue with number 2. It’s a horrid nuisance; especially when I’m proofreading. I find myself having to delete the entire block and undo it just so I can fix a tiny misspell. On bad days, sometimes when the block deletes itself it just…stays deleted. No hope for the undo button.

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    1. I’m lowkey glad that it’s a problem others encounter as well, was getting worried that my laptop was the problem. Yikes, I’ve never had a block completely deleting itself, but knowing that it has happened to you is VERY worrying…

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      1. Right? Hopefully you won’t have to deal with it. I’d like to believe maybe I just made a careless mistake when the block permanately deleted itself considering I haven’t heard much reports on it.

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      2. Could be, but how does one even permanently delete something that doesn’t let the editor undo the action? It seems more realistic that it were a glitch. But thank you, it would truly suck if this were to happen, especially for someone like myself that forgets a thought really really quickly.

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  4. Just a minor tip. The best way around the block editor not typing thing, I’ve found, is to save the draft and refresh the page. Dunno if you’ve tried that and it not worked, but it works for me every time.

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    1. Oh? I’ve already tried saving draft, pressing the back button then reopening the draft, which used to solve the problem but now it doesn’t anymore. I’ve yet to try refreshing though, will definitely give it a go. Thanks!!


  5. Haha 2 & 4 for me as well. When I see other comment sections disabled I just got to the WordPress reader preview which never has any problems. Yeah the block-locking glitch is a nuisance and I usually do what you do but I think Voyager’s advice also works.

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    1. I have no idea why 4 randomly happens. Sigh, they should also really fix that 2 since so many of us get it. I’ll definitely have to try Voyager’s method if it works for me!

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  6. Funny you should mention, because I didn’t get a pingback haha.
    There have been times in the past where no one at all was getting pingbacks for weeks at a time, so I think it might have something to do with WordPress servers, something on their end at least.

    For the scheduling thing, I always double check now that at least the button says “Schedule…” instead of “Publish”, so at the very least I know it’s scheduling for the future and not getting ready to publish in the past. When you write-up a post it automatically “saves” that date so if you ever go to change scheduling it won’t default to the current time, but instead the date and time that you first started the draft. So you have to be careful of that too.

    I mentioned the “can’t type” thing in my recent post talking about the editor, my fix was to switch the block to a heading block and then back, but I think your method might be faster. In the end though, as Voyager and then K have mentioned already… saving and refreshing is best if you have to fix multiple blocks cause it’ll fix them all.

    Never encountered #1 in the way you mention. I know that the “anime” tag is worthless and only shows maybe 10% of actual posts at most. To see everything you have to actually search “anime” and filter by date, although there’s a lot more random stuff in the feed that way.

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    1. You actually didn’t get a pingback? Hahaha way to prove a point WordPress.

      Yeah, double checking seems to be the best solution for pre-written unscheduled drafts. But sometimes I just… forget…

      Oh I’ll go give that a read later, sorry I missed it been away from reading for a while. I’m a bit suspicious of Voyager’s method, considering I had a similar one that didn’t work. But we’ll see.

      I’ve seen some support questions on the WP forums where people have encountered this, but there was no obvious solution and they still encounter it every now and then. So it’s kinda frustrating knowing this

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  7. Number 2 is the most annoying for me. Especially when writing a paragraph with many ‘small’ sections. And that just means more paragraph blocks that I can’t edit. It’s just so frustrating. And I would assume most of these problems are due to Jetpack not working. Since Jetpack is the major plugin that runs and connects the entire WordPress community (I believe so. The devs should really patch up these bugs…

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  8. For me, it’s missing pingback notification too have that problem now and it bugs me cause I don’t like people thinking I intentionally don’t respond.


  9. ya there is a lot of issues in WordPress that we facing but after all free things are free and paid are better then free so if you want to resolve all these kind of shit issues then go to paid WordPress


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