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The Fantastical World of Coiling Dragon (Chinese Novel Review)

Spectacular magical beasts. Immortal martial artists. Magical treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Enter the spectacular world of Coiling Dragon filled with endless possibilities. Where 10,000km-sized sacred beasts lurk deep within the hidden depths of the lands. Where a single punch from a seemingly haggard old man could rip a hole through the fabric of space itself. Where mysterious and extraordinary treasures lay hidden all across the world for anyone lucky enough to find them, containing vast riches and inexplicable powers.

You get the point.

There’s a lot that happens in this exciting world, and if you’re a huge fan of adventure fantasies (as am I) and have nothing on your watchlist right now, why not enter the world for yourself. Have a first-hand look at the fantastic world of Chinese Martial Arts Fantasy novels where, anything goes really.

  • Title: Coiling Dragon
  • Author: I Eat Tomatoes
  • Books: 21

The story of Coiling Dragon revolves around Linley Baruch, young master of the once famous Dragonblood Warriors clan. The Dragonblood Warriors used to stand at the peak of power in the entire Yulan Continent, but for reasons unknown, it has since rapidly declined. To uncover the secrets behind his clan’s downfall and to fulfill his father’s wish to restore the clan’s name, Linley embarks on the journey of a lifetime, discovering himself as he uncovers the secrets surrounding his clan’s past. All the while pursuing the pinnacle of power, forging bonds of friendship, romance and facing many setbacks along the way.

One of the most fascinating things about Coiling Dragon is simply in its presentation of such a massive and interesting world. With every new book, the world you thought you’d known becomes far more vibrant and expansive that it ever was before. Mysteries upon mysteries continue to unravel themselves in the face of Linley’s aggressive probing, and as a result, we see our dear protagonist go through all sorts of things and face many different obstacles in the pursuit of his aspirations.

But the world of Coiling Dragon isn’t all fun and fantasy. Murder, robbery and injustice are as commonplace as ever, which thus makes it is easy to understand the importance of personal strength above all else. The weak would be trampled upon by the strong, and only those with sufficient power can rely on themselves to stand above it all. If you were killed, robbed or even humiliated, you had only yourself to blame for being too weak. Such is the ruthless world of Coiling Dragon, which sets up for all sorts of epic confrontations between Linley and his merciless foes.

Coiling Dragon also does well in how it explores and delves into the aspects of forging companionships and relationships. Although Linley would go on to encounter many of whom would scheme behind his back, he would also go on to discover various people from across all walks of life that he could call true friends, with some even becoming lifelong brothers of his. Even romance had its fair amount of limelight in the novel, none of which felt forced or ingenuine. In fact, the characters’ feelings felt pure, which made it easier to immerse in the excitement of youthful romance, and also the heartbreaks that came along with it.

Another one of the greatest things about the novel is in the existence of Linley’s lifelong partner in crime, Bebe. Unlike in Desolate Era, which sees Ji Ning progress mostly on his own, Linley is constantly accompanied by a companion who grows stronger as quickly as he does and who can stand proudly alongside him wherever he goes. This makes for an adventure that felt wholesome, as the two display camaraderie and a mutual dependency on each other even through the toughest times. After all, Linley is extremely overpowered and there aren’t many who could stand alongside him as someone he could rely on. Having Bebe around wherever Linley went was quite refreshing. He’s funny too!

Oh, Bebe is a rat by the way. I don’t mean his personality, but like, literally.

Anyway, to sum it up, Coiling Dragon is amazing. There, I said it.

Thanks for reading!

P.s. I wish I could add more pictures but, it’s a novel…


  1. As a person that’s just really into gritty adventure fantasies, this sounds really fun. While I haven’t read any Chinese novels, I don’t think I can pass one that sounds this interesting especially when its a 21 book long series written by a guy named “I Eat Tomatoes”

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    1. Haha! I’ve always wondered what their fascination for Tomatoes was all about… Author IET’s books are the best (my opinion obviously) to start with if you’re ever looking for completed Chinese novels! It might take you a couple of months to finish them all, but seeing that you’re into gritty adventure fantasies, I’m almost positive you’ll love this one.

      But if you’re apprehensive about spending months on a novel series (21 books!), then there are many shorter ones out there (ongoing) that are just as excellent (if not better) that you could read to get a taste of what Chinese novels are all about. I would recommend you a title, but I’m pretty sure the shorter incomplete ones I’ve read aren’t the best there are out there. You’ll probably get better results from doing your own search! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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