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I Became a Magical Girl?

A few months ago, I was told by Fred that I was, indeed, a Magical Girl! It was such an astonishing piece of news that it had me dumbfounded and in awe for a few months. After finally regaining my senses recently, I figured it’s about time I step up to the challenge. Thanks for the opportunity, Fred!

Of course, this was only possible thanks to the extremely creative Pinkie who created this wonderful blog-tag-award post thingy! You have my gratitude as well, Pinkie, for creating such a fun and engaging tag-post.

If you’ve ever wondered how a Tiger became a Magical Girl, well, here’s my whimsical tale. But before you read on, know that I’ve answered the questions in my own quirky way. Bear with me!

The Rules:

1.  A Magical Girl is always polite!  So be polite! Display the Magical Girl Tag Logo, thank the one who tagged you and, if you want the tag creator to thank you for participating, tag Pinkie’s original post as well!  That last one is optional though!

2. A good magical girl gets the job done! Answer all the prompts! But do it like yourself! Come up with your own ideas, or compare it with other anime or video games! Anything goes! Just get the job done!

3. A good Magical girl always makes friends! Tag at least 2 people!  More is optional!
There is no 4! That would be bad luck!

5. A Magical girl is not defined by gender! Feel free to tag anyone!


1. A Magical Creature descended from the skies! It is telling you, you are a magical girl!  Describe this magical messenger! What is it.. where is it from?!:

Is that you, Mum?? Why are you wearing a wedding veil??? What do you mean I’m a Magical Girl??

2. Your creature tells you about an evil force from afar! What is this evil force?! What is their goal?!

I know you don’t like it when Dad tries to get you to go fishing with him, but don’t you think you’re overreacting by calling him an evil force? He’ll be back soon you know.

3. The creature then tells you, you hold a great virtue, it is the reason you have been selected! What is this reason!:

Oh come on Mum, you only ever say that I’m a great writer when you want something from me. Let’s face it, you don’t believe that. Besides, what does writing have to do with any of this??

4. After the exposition, a monster shows up at your doorstep! It is time to transform! What is your transformation item?!:

Oh look, Dad is home. Alright Mum, fine, I’ll go fishing with Dad instead. Guess I’ll bring along my JBL Pulse 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It sure does wonders to transform the mood! I wouldn’t want to sit through an hour of Dad’s relationship advice without some music.

5. Transformation scene time! How do you look as a magical girl?! What is your power and signature attack?!:

Enough with the empty compliments Mum, we’re only going fishing and all I did was wear a Hoodie. I know I’m saving you some trouble, but stop acting as if I look like Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on Ice. Luckily, I’m bringing along my JBL Pulse 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. With this, I’ll be able to drown out Dad’s relationship advice by blasting some music while we’re fishing! It’ll probably scare the fishes away, but it’s the best move I’ve got.

6. Catchphrase time! Name some of those lines you repeat in every episode.. and tell us when you use them!  This can be a transformation phrase.. or just something cool you keep repeating!:

(On the fishing pier)

I’m single, Dad. I keep telling you, I’m single. Can we stop talking about this now? You always make me repeat this.

(Music blasts in the background)

7. Are you a solo magical girl?! Do you work in a team?! Are you the first recruit or a supportive one?!:

(Back home)

Mum, I’m back! You know, Mum, even though I’m the supportive one, you should try asking one of your other two sons next time.

8. Every magical girl  has a goal in her normal life as well! What would your goal be?!:

(Before bed)

What a day. Sigh, I wish I had a Job I could LOVE doing, one that earns me enough to support both me and my family’s needs. That way, I could buy Dad his fish and buy Mum something proper instead of that wedding veil she’s been wearing all day.

9. What is the dark twist to your being a magical girl?!:


In the witching hours of the night, amidst the darkness of my bedroom, a veiled woman glared at me in utter contempt. She whispered beneath her breath,


Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Okay, maybe it was a little bad. But either ways, this has been my not-so-whimsical tale of becoming a Magical Girl!

On a more serious note, you should also check out some of the other nominees of this tag-post! I didn’t expect to see so much effort put into writing such amazing stories. I was definitely inspired by their efforts.

Check out Al’s story here!

Check out Foovay’s story here!


Lynn: I know you’ve been tagged, but I’ll tag you again anyways since I know you write your own stories!

Scott: I’ve read your space story before, so I’d love to see how you’d reply to this tag post!

allthefujoshiunite: This could inspire you to make your own tag post hahaha 🙂

eggsandwich04: I’m curious to see how you’d reply to this!

Crow: As a Tiger, it would be cool to see a Crow become a Magical Girl!

As always, even if you’re tagged, don’t feel obligated. Thanks for reading!

P.s. I don’t own a JBL Pulse 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


  1. This was amazing! I am not sure if I should laugh my tail feathers off … or be worried for you about Mum’s mental health! This would be an amazing show like School Live or Akiba Rangers. I really loved this!
    So thanks for this amazing bob of a post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked it! It was a ton of fun to do, so it’s nice to know that you had fun reading it, even if only a little.

      But I should be thanking you instead, for the effort you put into creating this award-tag-post! So cheers for that 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for starting my day with a sunny laugh! And thanks for the tag! I blush! I think I kind of fell off the deep end – wish I could write funny! 😛 This was so great, I can just see it all in my head!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I wish I could write stories as well as you!! Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      I’m happy that my writing made you laugh! I guess one could say that… my writing is laughable! XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For some reason I can’t really write anything humorous. When I do try I get crabby comments because people don’t realize I was trying to be funny. I am apparently…not funny. And, you know, sometimes you want to be. (Many people would say I am “funny” all right…)

        Liked by 1 person

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